Our Culture

We walk the talk and keep our promises. Every solution we recommend we can implement with 100% confidence.

Software projects are different with us – visibly so. We’ve taken best practices of collaboration, feedback, transparency, and testing and built them into the fabric of the way we work. We see software as an ecosystem – of customers, processes, technology, developers – and our projects are never done within the confines of an IT-only-team.

We Listen

Our delivery work typically starts with a time-boxed Inception, engaging every key stakeholder group right from day 1. This defines high-level requirements and initial release plans, together with the technical architecture and any significant risks, issues and constraints.

The right tools, the right attitude

We work fast. Our experts know the latest and most appropriate tools for the job, from test automation to simulation to systems integration.

We automate wherever it makes sense, keeping people away from repetitive tasks, so they can add the most value possible.

We deliver on our promises

With Integrity as one of our core values; we mean what we say, and say what we mean.Therefore every promise to our customer is a promise delivered.

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