Strong Authentication

Our strong authentication solutions are designed to protect your business, employees and customers across a range of different industries.

Two-factor authentication

ISSL’s strong authentication (two-factor authentication) solutions are designed to protect your business, employees and customers across a range of different industries. By combining easy-to-use One Time Password (OTP) tokens and smart cards for password authentication, along with reliable authentication system software, you can increase your network security, computer security and information security quickly and at low cost.

Online Application Security

Online security for your applications can significantly improve overall productivity, but it can leave you open to security breaches. By using a password authentication system for access to your company’s applications, you can allow your users anytime/anywhere access without compromising on security.

Network Security

Whether your customers just need to check their balance online or are performing more complicated banking transactions, their accounts are at risk of savvy hackers. By integrating two-factor authentication technologies into your customers’ log-in process, you are ensuring information security for your customers and a safe online and mobile banking experience. Our user authentication software and hardware can be used for all banking transactions, from wire transfers to checking individual bank accounts.

Banking Security

Providing network access to your employees, customers and partners can significantly increase your company’s network security. However, optimal productivity relies on allowing access to your networks at any time. To identify the right user authentication solution for you, we will look at your existing remote access security system, types of people who require remote access to your networks (employees, vendors, etc.), areas of operation, number of employees and budget.

How Strong User Authentication Works

Whether you are providing online bank account access to your customers or allowing employees to access company files remotely, the days of providing just single password authentication are over. Today, two-factor authentication is the only way you can increase security for networks, applications and banking activities as it requires two levels of authentication:

1. Something known – PIN or password .
2. Something owned – Token or smart card


The two most common two-factor authentication solutions are One Time Password (OTP) tokens and smart cards. Both of these types of devices generate a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction. They are quick and easy to use and will immediately add an additional level of information security to your business and customers.

ISSL’s Strong User Authentication Software and Hardware

ISSL has partnered with Feitian Technologies, a leading provider of strong authentication software and hardware that can be seamlessly implemented into your existing security systems without adding significant costs or interruptions to your IT platform. While other two-factor authentication solutions exist on the market, Feitian Technologies is known worldwide for its cost-effective pricing compared with its competitors.

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