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ISSL provides the full set of consulting, customization and integration services for CAS genesisWorld CRM

CAS genesisWorld

ISSL provides the full set of consulting, customization and integration services for CAS genesisWorld CRM.


CAS genesisWorld is a CRM solution tailor made for businesses for more efficiency and customer transparency. With an extensive scope of features that gives you valuable insight into your operations and new opportunities.The solution is equipped with many customizable features, has a familiar feel, and is very affordable.


Experts analyze the existing problems and needs in order to define a clear set of goals to be reached with CRM implementation. With the involvement of your management team our consultants define your “as is” process and create the final “to be” schemes which lay the basis for any future development. ISSL consultants have vast experience in CRM implementation and business processes for a number of industries and will suggest appropriate changes.

Project planning

We calculate the budget and development time frames. For larger projects with heavy customization and/or integration requirements, it may be necessary to deliver the solution in several iterations, in order to minimize the time before the most critical changes in your process are made.


Trainings on using the new system are organized for your staff members so they feel comfortable with utilizing its vast functionality once the system is installed.

Prototype creation

To enhance your understanding of the future system’s capabilities, our consultants use your requirements to prepare a live demo (working prototype) of the key elements of your targeted “to be” process. This lets your team see and review the look of the end result. We find that after the prototype review some of the requirements change and more precise requirements are developed.

3rd party app. integration

While CAS genesisWorld is a good tool on its own, you may gain even more from its integration with existing ECM, ERP or Portal products. CAS genesisWorld comes with out of box integration components common ERP suites such as SAGE, Navision, SAP and Oracle.


Post implementation – ISSL will hold your hands until you are comfortable and your new processes are well entrenched in the business DNA. Plus, our staff remains available to address any issues that may arise

CAS genesisWorld solution deployment and customization

The system is installed on your premises and customized in accordance with the defined requirements. At this point the system is used by a limited number of employees for a trial period, during which certain requirements can be further specified. Once the system is deployed and all the requirements and changes are implemented, the data migration process starts and will be supervised by ISSL experts to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new application.

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